Blue Sky Dental is proud to be the first clinic in Rochester, MN to offer needle-free fillings with the Solea laser! Get to know more about this revolutionary new tool.

What Is a Solea Laser?

The Solea laser is the first FDA-approved CO2 laser that can be used on both teeth and gums. With the Solea laser, Blue Sky Dentists are now able to do fillings and surgical procedures with fewer side effects than traditional techniques. It’s an experience so unique, you’ll hardly believe you were at the dentist!

Why Choose the Solea Laser?

With the Solea laser, dental procedures are faster and more pain-free, making for an all-around better dental experience for our patients. Most patients do not require any use of anesthesia with the Solea laser, eliminating both needles and numbing sensations afterward.

To learn more about the Solea laser and how it can improve your oral health, text or call (507) 258-5260 or schedule an appointment!

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