Mouth Guards

Mouth & Sports Guards

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For people needing a mouth guard to protect their teeth while playing sports or from teeth grinding, Blue Sky Dental located in Rochester MN can help. Mouth guards are cushioned appliances that fit over your teeth to help prevent tooth and gum injury during contact sports. Also in the case of unconscious night-time teeth grinding, these guards prevent damage to your teeth.

Sometimes custom-made mouth guards can also help people who experience TMD (jaw-joint pain) from grinding their teeth. Our custom-made guards typically fit better, last longer and are less bulky than the generic off the shelf type. Also an athletic mouth guard that is custom made offers superior protection.

Call Blue Sky Dental at (507) 258-5260 or Text (209) 260-2561 to make an appointment. Be pro-active. Have a custom mouth guard made to protect your or your children’s teeth.