Root Canals

Root Canal

For those who have an abscessed, infected and painful tooth, a root canal may be needed. In Rochester, MN, Blue Sky Dental can help. So how does a root canal work? When a tooth is cracked or has a deep cavity, bacteria can enter the pulp tissue and cause an infection inside the tooth. In an attempt to save the tooth, the affected tissue is removed, the interior of the tooth is cleaned, filled and sealed. To strengthen the tooth, a dental crown is placed over the tooth and cemented permanently in place.

In the earliest stages of infection, you may not feel any pain at all. But when it progresses, you could have a toothache and swelling, or a dental abscess might form. Root canals remove the infection and prevent it from spreading. Thanks to technological advances, the process today is faster, more comfortable and, in many cases, more thorough than root canals in the past.

Call Blue Sky Dental in Rochester, MN, at (507) 258-5260 or Text (209) 260-2561, if you feel you have an infected or abscessed tooth. We can examine your painful tooth to see if a root canal would be appropriate.

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