Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

A child’s first pediatric dentistry visit should be at about age one. Our children love our playroom, equipped with books, a rocking chair and lots of toys: a special place where parents can relax with their children as they wait. Also popular are the Disney & Nickelodeon shows on our overhead TV screens, and the gift they are given after each visit. Sandwiched in between these helpful diversions our children learn lifetime skills on how to do a good job taking care of their teeth. Healthy daily dental habits can be effortless, if they are started early. This is a wonderful gift to give your children!

Our staff cares about children and they have a lot of pediatric dentistry and teaching experience to prove it! During her dental residency in Los Angeles, Dr. Langton-Yanowitz supervised dental students treating children’s dentistry needs in a mobile outreach unit. For two summers she was a camp counselor who specialized in teaching sailing. During another summer Dr. Langton-Yanowitz worked for the US Forest Service on the Lake Superior North Shore teaching all age groups topics about nature.

We also have George on staff, an easy to love monkey puppet. With his big toothy smile and over-sized toothbrush he helps us teach our littlest patients good brushing habits. George also makes classroom visits. If your child’s teacher would like George to make an educational visit, just call us at (507) 258-5260 to arrange a time. We believe in doing our part to build excitement about dental health in young children! Children’s dentistry is a focus at Blue Sky Dental.

At Blue Sky Dental in Rochester, MN, we welcome children of all ages! Call us today at (507) 258-5260 or Text (209) 260-2561. Make an appointment so your children can experience the relaxing difference of Blue Sky Dental too!

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We visit classrooms with our puppet

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